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PROBE: L7V-A Linear rectal (5.0-9.0 MHz)
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Chison ECO3Vet - Compact Ultrasound | KeeboMed Inc.

Chison ECO3Vet is an ultra compact ultrasound machine used in various veterinary clinical applications. In large animals used for reproduction, tendons and in small animals used for abdominal, small parts, basic cardiology etc. This scanner offers harmonic imaging facility and has a built in, re-chargeable lithium battery making it one of the best ultrasound systems featured on our website. It has hi-technology features like Trapezoid imaging, Chroma and compound image. The probe frequency varies from 2.5 MHz to 11 MHz depending on the type of probe being used. There is no need to worry about handling the machine while scanning as it comes with a water proof cover for keyboard.

KeeboMed Inc. has a wide collection of ECO-3Vet ultrasound machines which have been checked by our team of experts for efficiency and quality. Purchase this system on our website at highly discounted rates--you can be confident in your purchase thanks to our 2 year warranty. 

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