New 77922-64010 Rev A RGB MONITOR CABLE FOR HP SONOS 4500/5500/7500 Ultrasound

Sale price$ 722.99


HP SONOS 4500/5500/7500 RGB Monitor Cable 77922-64010 Rev A

Uncover the key to seamless ultrasound imaging with the HP SONOS 4500/5500/7500 RGB Monitor Cable, model number 77922-64010 Rev A. With its pristine condition, this essential accessory promises no signs of wear and the potential of being a valuable companion for your diagnostic equipment.

Despite its untouched state, the item may arrive without the original packaging or in the initially sealed packaging that is not intact. It might also be a factory second or exhibit defects not immediately noticeable. For a complete rundown of any imperfections, refer to the detailed seller's notes.

This HP brand cable is a crucial component, awaiting its role in enhancing your medical diagnostic operations. Its part number, 77922-64010, ensures compatibility with your specific HP ultrasound machines: Sonos series 4500, 5500, and 7500.

Although the country of manufacture remains unspecified, rest assured of the HP legacy of quality. The UPC remains undisclosed as it does not apply. Choose this dependable HP SONOS RGB Monitor Cable for a reliable and high-quality ultrasound imaging experience.

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