Philips Omni III P/N 989605344901 Ultrasound Transducer Adapter ~ 14313

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Philips Omni III P/N 989605344901 Ultrasound Probe Adapter 

Explore the Philips Omni III P/N 989605344901 Ultrasound Transducer Adapter, a dependable and fully operational device catering to your diagnostic needs. Although pre-owned, this adapter exhibits only minor cosmetic wear, ensuring seamless functionality for accurate medical analysis. Ideal for various diagnostic applications, the adapter has been diligently tested to adhere to the highest standards of performance.

Condition: Gently used, showing minimal signs of wear with guaranteed performance. Each unit has undergone thorough testing to meet rigorous medical industry standards.

Seller Notes: Has signs of average use, indicating that the item has been handled with care and maintained in good condition.

Brand: HP

MPN: P/N 989605344901

Model: Omni III

Equipped with this Philips adapter, healthcare professionals can ensure precise ultrasound diagnostics. Purchase with confidence, secure in the knowledge that DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND MACHINES FOR SALE provides quality equipment for your medical imaging requirements.

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