Trolley BW

Trolley based BW (Black & White) ultrasound machines have proved to be a boon for medical sector. In situations where the patient requires frequent scanning, these systems help to monitor them easily. These can be placed on the bedside and can be moved depending on the situation, like when a patient is taken form emergency to ICU room or vice-versa. Trolley ultrasound has multiple features, flexibility and mobility, therefore considered a highly user-friendly product. KeeboMed offers a wide range of ultrasound machines of different brands and models.

All the products that you see on the online store of KeeboMed have been checked for quality and full functionality by our expert team of technicians. Call our helpline number for any queries or information related to ultrasound systems including trolley based ultrasounds. The company has unique policy of free returns within 30 days and provides warranty on each product. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get a price quote today!

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