Used vet Ultrasounds

You can shop for quality used veterinary ultrasound machines from KeeboMed Inc. The company provides you a variety of used veterinary ultrasound equipment which would meet all your vet requirements. If you are a breeder or farmer, shop for high quality and affordable ultrasound equipment from us for at home diagnosis of different ailments in animals. KeeboMed offers used veterinary machines meant for both small and large animals like canines, cattle, pets, reptiles etc. We not only offer a variety of products, but also ensure that the prices are reasonable, so that the necessary equipment could be made available to all.
At KeeboMed Inc. we have a huge collection of used, pre-owned and second hand vet ultrasound systems which have been refurbished for resale. All these machines have only been used as demo models for not more than 30 minutes to 2 hours. Call our customer care executives for any type of information related to ultrasound machines.

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